"Cobs" Block IP from RDP/FTP

What is cbIPfRDP?

"Cobs" Block IP from RDP/FTP is a Windows firewall addon that is used to automatically block connections and help with dictionary attacks. I originally created this application when I found myself in a situation where my servers were constantly being hit with unknown logins from random IP's and Windows has no way of stopping this from happening, e.g after 3 failed login attempts, stop the connection altogether. From here I began development of CbIPfRDP. During the attack, over 1000 IP's were blocked by cbIPfRDP.

How do I get/download cbIPfRDP

There's 2 ways of obtaining cbIPfRDP, which way of installing is completely up to you.

The first option is to use the automated installer which is a command line application, this will download the latest version of cbIPfRDP and its front-end GUI application, cbIPaaS

Your second option is to use the public ftp, this will give you a list of all parts of cbIPfRDP to download including previous versions and development builds. Please follow the installation guide if you are stuck.

  • download automated installer.
  • browse FTP
  • Screenshots

    Main GUI (cbIPaaS)

    Stastics and settings main menu

    Service mode settings